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AI Talk Series: Multilingual and Low Resource NLP

Natural Language Processing Talk Series

Tokopedia-UI AI Center of Excellence menggelar acara AI Talk Series berikutnya dengan tema “Multilingual and Low-Resource NLP” yang menghadirkan Alham Fikri Aji, Ph.D. selaku Assistant Professor di d…

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AI Talk Series: Introduction to Big Data Analytics

Talk Series Big Data

Tokopedia UI AI Center of Excellence kembali menggelar acara AI Talk Series dengan tema “Introduction of Big Data Analytics” yang menghadirkan Denny, Ph.D. selaku Direktur di Pusilkom UI sebagai pemb…

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Kunjungan Politeknik Padang terkait Penggunaan dan Pengelolaan Superkomputer di Fasilkom UI


Pada tanggal 14 April 2023, delegasi dari Politeknik Padang mengunjungi Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) secara luring di ruang AI Center. Kunjungan ini bertujuan untuk men…

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Who are we?

Tokopedia-UI Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence

The AI Center is physically located at the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) and fully equipped with collaborative working space and the NVIDIA DGX-1, Indonesia’s fastest AI and Deep Learning computing infrastructure. From an organization perspective, the AI Center is not just another research lab, but rather, it is a hub of activities where researchers from various research labs at Fasilkom UI can work together among themselves as well as external partners to solve real-life problems using AI approaches.

The AI Center

Such a close collaboration between the expertise of UI researchers in AI and the application domain know-how from industry, which is represented, foremost, by Tokopedia. Through this collaboration, the AI Center focuses on theoretical foundations as well as useful applications of AI technologies, taking into account both product and human-aspect of AI.

What can an AI really do?

Politics & Government

  • Targeted campaigning
  • Public opinion monitoring
  • Anticipating infrastructure failures and maintenance


  • Search recommendations
  • Customer service and sales chatbots
  • 3D modelling

Banking & Personal Finance

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Credit Decisions
  • Client Segmentation


  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Automate grading
  • Customised digital learning interfaces
  • Virtual teachers or lectures, etc.


  • Spam filters on your emails
  • Text and email reply suggestions
  • Real time transition
  • Emotion analytics


  • Autonomous surgical robots and diagnosis
  • Automatic disease identification
  • Personalised treatment, etc.

What We Do?


Equipped with the latest AI technologies, the AI Center commits to conduct excellent AI research, advancing the state-of-the-art and shaping the national AI strategies.


Product Development

The AI Center develops innovative products,systems, and services with AI as the core component. The AI Center focuses on unleashing the full potential of AI as end-to-end products to improve various aspects of human lives.

Partnership and Collaboration

As a result of partnership between UI and Tokopedia, the AI Center serves as a role model for collaboration in the area of AI research and development between academia and industry. Furthermore, the AI Center aims to foster other forms of partnerships with industry and government, delivering concrete AI solutions for real-world problems.


Talent Pool Expansion

The AI Center aims to expand the national talent pool in AI through training programs for students, researchers, practitioners, and general public in collaboration with Pusat Ilmu Komputer (Pusilkom) UI. In addition, relevant courses in Fasilkom UI can make use of computing facilities at the AI Center to provide hands-on experience to students.

AI Research Dissemination and Technology Evangelism

The AI Center can play a role in increasing public awareness about AI. This is done through formal scientific publication in journals and conferences, promotion of its products, special events, as well as student and public AI-themed competitions.


Research Themes

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Digital Payment
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Merchant Analytics and Buyer Recommender
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Urban Mobility
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AI-enabled Healthcare
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AI-enabled Maritime Technologies
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Fraud Detection & Prevention
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Public Services


The AI Center is provided with a 99 m2 newly renovated working space located on the 5th floor of the new building of Faculty of Computer Science within the UI’s Depok campus. The working space is designed to foster exciting and innovative research within a collaborative environment. Its location is also surrounded with the working space of research labs in the faculty to further spur cross-fertilization of ideas by researchers at the faculty.